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Hey you, I'm Vivian .
Your expert for creative photography.
It all started 9 years ago with a mirror selfie . For me, photography was like pushing a button on my smartphone.
I was a business administration student and not a photographer.
But the spontaneous snapping quickly developed into a passion . More and more often I wanted to photograph my family & friends. To be honest, the first results were so-so!
Time to get some skills! For nights I searched for photography tutorials on Youtube and devoured everything about image editing like a plate of pasta.
And then came Instagram! My skills got better and finally there was a cool platform to share your photos with others. Getting the first likes from people from all over the world was just crazy!
I quickly cracked the 10k follower mark with my creative content. The first paid collaborations and event invitations landed in the mailbox. Can someone pinch me?
I have now turned my passion for photography into a successful full-time business. I just love passing on my experiences and know-how to my 200k community .
With my digital products (online courses, e-books, Lightroom presets) I have already been able to help over 10,000 customers. The dream from back then has enabled me to work independently of time and place for over 5 years .